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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this is the 26th homicide in san jose this year. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. just south of san jose in morgan hill, another grisly discovery, a burned body. we'll take you to the scene for more on what investigators were saying about the victim's possible identity. 280 is shut down for road work. here's the map, northbound 280, the extension from 101 to king street, one of the main arteries heading into san francisco and at&t park. this closure is scheduled to last until tuesday morning. nbc bay area's christie smith is on the freeway that's shut down behind you. we've done this before. it impacts thousands of people. >> reporter: memorial day, fourth of july weekend and here we go again one more time. this time the cloe hur started at 2:00 p.m., earlier than usual, because they have twice the amount of work to do. this is replacing seismic safety
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hinges. caltrans is not expecting a huge traffic impact, but neighbors and workers, they certainly are. near mission bay, workers like bernard jones are considering their commute options. >> those are kind of the options we have, so tomorrow i'm either going to work from home or take bart. >> reporter: he's gotten used to hollywood weekend closures on 280 for seismic work. >> takes a lot more time to get to the bridge. i use 280 to get to the bridge. what's it going to mean, the back streets will be more congested. >> reporter: detours as caltrans and the chp is shutting down northbound lanes hours earlier than usual to replace two hinges in previous closures they just replaced one. >> those hinges were installed in 1966, and they are smaller, they had different seismic standards. >> reporter: they'll take lessons learned and try to minimize the impact. >> we thought the public has
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been inconvenienced enough and we got a little bit of extra breathing room. we're giving people time to get into their seats today at the ball game. >> reporter: the work includes excavating a section about five feet deep. work going on while the giants are in town, 280 north, one of the main routes towards the ballpark. >> i expect it will be pretty horrid for folks trying to take the bay bridge. >> reporter: we're back live and you can see some of the work going on. caltrans stresses this was planned before the napa quake. the two areas going on are cesar chav chavez, expecting to open by tuesday 9:00 a.m., but could be earlier. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> like we said, plan accordingly if headed that way. a city worker crushed by a garbage truck, the city worker was on the sidewalk and somehow got caught under the wheels of
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that garbage truck. police have not yet identified the victim, who works for the city's public works department. it's unclear how many workers were on and around that truck. now to the south napa earthquake, four days after the big jolt, the hits keep coming. some business owners who were finally allowed to reopen their doors were ordered to close them again today. jodi hernandez is live in napa with the growing damage estimate and why those businesses are once again hanging up those closed signs. jodi? >> reporter: janelle, the number of tagged buildings here in napa went up dramatically today. these buildings you see behind us have been red tagged since the quake hit on sunday, but now more structures are joining their ranks as inspectors get a chance to get inside and take a second look. for many businesses, it's a major blow. >> just a hard one to swallow. we're no good outside. i'm way better in the kitchen running the restaurant.
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>> reporter: this chef should be rolling dough and making pizza, but five days after the earthquake hit, his restaurant got red tagged just this morning. >> it just seems backwards to let them open, everything's okay, then shut them down. >> reporter: in fact, just about every restaurant on this block of main street got shut down today, though they may be structurally sound, the building behind them is not. napa officials say 632 structures have now been tagged, 19 more than yesterday. they now estimate damage at $362 million. >> it is just an estimate. we are continuing to collect data. we do expect that number to increase, but that's what we're looking at right now. >> reporter: memory book and white board have been placed at the library for people to share their feelings. meanwhile, many business owners are waiting for guidance on what it will take to start serving again. >> would we be open this evening for dinner? maybe. will they wait through the weekend until they really find out what's going on? maybe.
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no answers, nobody's coming around telling us anything, so we sit and wait. >> reporter: and we're back here live. you're looking at red tagged buildings in downtown napa. again, the numbers continue to go up. in fact, we just got some  revised numbers from the city of napa, now 822 structures in napa have been tagged. that's up nearly 200 from yesterday, and the numbers only expected to go up. reporting live in downtown napa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> and just about two and a half miles west of napa's historic downtown area, this sinkhole opened up today. the prevailing theory, it was caused by a water main break like the other sinkholes in that area that ruptured during the quake. people who live nearby knew there was a problem even before they saw the sinkhole. >> we tried to turn the water on, wasn't working. we came outside to look around because the area got hit pretty hard, and the road, you could see the road had shifted.
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>> no one is sure how long the neighborhood will go without water, but some nearby neighborhoods who faced similar problems waited three days. one of the busiest places in wine country is the napa valley food bank. it's filled with volunteers, they are bagging groceries not only for low-income families who visit regularly, but also for people struggling after sunday's quake. while neighboring food banks have shared their inventory with napa, a lot of extra donations have come in from the general public. our coverage continues on our website, enter south napa earthquake in our search box to see all of our stories. that's at now to a developing story overseas. we don't have a strategy yet, president obama's latest words on the war on terror against isis. today the president pushed back against speculation that he's ready to amp up military operations, targeting the militant group in syria and iraq. >> as i've said, rooting out a
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cancer like isil will not be quick or easy, but i'm confident that we can and we will, working closely with our allies and our partners. >> isis is also referred to as isil. the president says he's trying to build an international coalition and will not move ahead without consulting congress. a santa rosa mother is off the hook. no charges will be filed after she was accused of choking a 12-year-old boy on a school campus. in may, delia garcia-bratcher was arrested by sheriff's deputies. today, prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence to charge her. bratcher admits she confronted the boy, who she believed was bullying her 9-year-old daughter at the olivet charter elementary school, but she denies grabbing him by the throat. >> the simple story, i talked to the boy, didn't want him to get in trouble or make it a big issue and it back fired on me. >> everyone rushed to judgment that she was guilty and had to cover their tracks and come up with a story that she actually was. >> bratcher's attorney says the investigation took three months
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because the district attorney was running for re-election and didn't want to dismiss the case before election day. the d.a. issued a statement saying in part, charges weren't filed because witnesses were split between supporting the 12-year-old version of the story and those who backed bratcher's version. nfl commissioner roger goodell admits he dropped the ball. the league will now get tough on players accused of domestic violence. critics blasted the commissioner when he suspended ray rice for only two games. rice was accused in february of striking his then-fiance. she never pressed charges. going forward, first-time suspensions will last six weeks. a second offense will be for at least a year. in a statement to nfl owners, goodell admits he didn't get it right and the league must do better. coming up at 5:30, nightly news goes in-depth on the issue that sparked a lot of outrage. new video now of the big waves in southern california. big waves and bigger damage.
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the surging surf knocked over yachts on catalina island. the boat yard is a mess, as well, scattered with lumber and rocks. the powerful waves also dragged a historic life guard into the water in ventura county. this building was used in several hollywood shoots, including "baywatch." the swells, produced by a tropical storm off baja, california, are expected to recede throughout the weekend. that's the good news. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking these dangerous conditions, not only down there, but up here. >> with that tropical storm that's offshore, in some cases we've seen more damage with that than with the land falling tropical storm. it's phenomenal, the waves getting kicked up. you can see right now, waves anywhere from four to six feet. we're going to talk more about this threat at our coastline for the upcoming weekend in just a few minutes. first it was smoke that got people's attention. it turned out to be a dead body on fire. i'm robert handa live near
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morgan hill where investigators are in the midst of a search for evidence. one thing about it, instead of just sitting around watching tv all day. >> not sitting around. 93 and still going strong. meet a decorated war veteran who's never stopped serving his country and community. then at 6:00, one of the bay area's most famous companies is trying a bold move to get your attention. >> we want people to know that tesla factory is here in fremont. >> what tesla wants to put up that's so big you couldn't help but see it. that's new at 6:00.
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ a grisly discovery could turn out to be the santa clara county sheriff's first homicide of the year. investigators are around the chesbro reservoir, a dead and badly burned body was found there early this morning. nbc bay area's robert handa has been on the scene all day.
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robert, not only gruesome, but bizarre. >> reporter: well, that's right, raj. and as you said, that investigation is still going on. we're here on oak glen avenue, which is a road used by people headed to chesbro reservoir or looking for a commuters shortcut option to highway 101. as you can see from the view from the nbc bay area dhop chopper, the sheriff's department is investigating after finding a dead, burned body on the side of the road. we are not showing that body. the sheriff's department says some people reported seeing smoke here around 8:00 a.m. this morning. now while investigators search for evidence, they said the circumstances were already suspicious enough to consider it a homicide case. >> we really won't know exactly what the cause of death was, if the fire was the cause of death, until the coroner's office performs an autopsy and we can really get into see if there's any type of blunt trauma or evidence that would indicate how this person died. >> reporter: now, the coroner's office will be examining that
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body soon. at this point, investigators are not releasing any details, including a possible gender of the victim. the sheriff's department says some vehicles were spotted in the area shortly after the fire was reported and investigators are asking anyone who may have seen anything here around 8:00 a.m. to contact them. now coming up at 6:00, an update on the investigation and a look at the high-tech 3d equipment being used to analyze the crime scene. live near morgan hill, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. vicious robberies on the streets of san jose. nbc bay area has learned that police have arrested a group of young people for a string of crimes. >> come from behind or the sides, just vicious, vicious blows. once they are down on the ground, the assault continues. one individual is continuing the assault, whether it's hands or feet, and the others are rummaging through pockets and removing personal items from the victim. >> police say the attacks are taking place in downtown san jose. the suspects are between 11 and
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17 years old. police aren't sure they've arrested everyone connected with the attacks, so they are reminding people to stay vigilant when walking downtown. san francisco is booming, but there's another side to the city. thousands of people rely on the st. anthony's dining room. it is a lifesaver. >> seven days a week they get a good, hot meal and can also count on a certain smiling face to serve them. garvin? >> janelle, the face belongs to renee, every monday and tuesday for close to 20 years he has been a role model in giving back, as well as many other things. if you're in the mood to learn a little something about service and commitment, just look for the sunset neighborhood home with the symbols to match and the man who flies them. >> picture of me in australia when i was in the tank corps. >> reporter: renee has quite the
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track record on the matter. >> this is a picture of me on okinawa. >> reporter: renee was 22 years old in 1941 when the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he made a commitment to serve his country then by joining the marines. eight years, three invasions, and two purple hearts were the result. renee then came back home and made a commitment of a different sort. his marriage lasting 68 years until her death a few years ago. it should have been no surprise then to the people of st. anthony's dining hall in san francisco's tenderloin district that when renee showed up in the late '90s to volunteer, he'd be with them for quite some time. >> going on 17 years. >> reporter: although renee wasn't all that sure. >> i'm wondering what i'm going to get into. of course, the first thing they put me on pouring drinks. i've been pouring drinks ever since. >> reporter: a lot of drinks.
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the st. anthony's staff did some back of the napkin math recently and figured renee, volunteering two days a week, have poured some 3 million drinks over the years for the city's less fortunate. >> hi, teresa, how are you? >> reporter: renee's true value, though, cannot be quantified. >> thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: he is the master of service with more than a few smiles. >> i've got a good rapport with the ladies. >> reporter: and at 93, there is no thought of slowing down. in fact, renee is thinking of upping his commitment to three days a week and expanding his ever-growing record of service. >> one thing about it, keeps me active instead of just sitting around watching tv all day. >> i hope he's watching us tonight. >> hope he's watching us tonight. amazing. talk about active. just chatting after our interview, telling me how he was an avid biker, would drive to
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marin county and all that, then i found out he only gave it up five years ago at the age of 88. he said his kids demanded he stop doing that. >> passionate man. i hope to meet him some day. >> when he commits to something, boy he sticks with it. >> shoes like that, girls love him. >> thanks so much, garvin. let's get a check of the forecast now with jeff ranieri. >> great day if you did biking outside or went for a jog, lafayette, showing all the blue sky we had today. two and a half mile jog around the reservoir, though, was hot. 13 miles made all the difference. check it out here in oakland. 20 degrees cooler for today. we had a slight wind moving in off the bay and again helping to keep the temperatures down. take you outside to the sky camera network right now, all areas down to this point, but notice the sunshine across the south bay. peninsula, fog free and 75. of course, blue skies throughout the east shore, san francisco,
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even downtown and north bay, mild night with 75. take you from the east shore back to the tri-valley. that still is the location with the number one heat right now, averaging some low 90s, mild night for us, but a little cooling in the forecast throughout tomorrow. future cast, what you're going to see is a mid level disturbance for tomorrow. it's not a big storm system, but enough of a ripple of the atmosphere that as that continues to get close, we think the marine layer is going to stay put and produce a little drizzle at the immediate coastline. foggy again, two mornings in a row with the fog and that will help keep temperatures down. areas of low clouds in the north bay, east bay, and peninsula, as well. then by the afternoon hours, we'll see the fog push back, but with the system we talked about, check out the high clouds that will move across. not our sunniest day of the week, but i think we'll have some comfortable temperatures. get a look at your microclimate forecast, san jose expecting 84 degrees, slightly cooler weather. morgan hill down to 92. pacifica, 68.
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the possibility of drizzle there. palo alto, 83 tomorrow. for most of san francisco we'll stay in the 60s. soma expecting low 70s, and probably the most sunshine for tomorrow, as well. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay, tri-valley. napa expecting 89 degrees, sausalito 96. by far the most widespread sun tomorrow at walnut creek, livermore, pleasanton, and also for danville, as well. danville, likely our hottest with 91 degrees. if you are headed to the beach for your friday, maybe even for the weekend, still tracking what is tropical system marie, it is picking up the coastline quite a bit. we're still looking at waves four to seven feet throughout our saturday forecast. and speaking of saturday, labor day this weekend, a lot of you have monday off. gradual cooling into sunday for the south bay, peninsula will stay around 80 degrees and a little warmup by monday. san francisco, at least downtown, staying in the 70s.
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and for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, some of the best weather in the north bay. if you're looking for something to do, of course, we have you covered in the north bay with above average temperatures throughout saturday. sonoma wine country weekend looks fantastic. 1:00, 84 degrees, something cold in your hand, i don't think anybody would be complaining. >> meet you up there, jeff. >> perfect. thanks. still to come, a teacher's troubling tweets, the messages that are raising eyebrows among the parents of one bay area school. see something sketchy on bart? the new app that lets you report trouble discreetly.
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profane tweets from an east bay teacher. she says she didn't mean it, but parents are furious tonight.
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posted before the end of the school year in june, krista hodges of newark memorial high school tweeted, "already want to stab some kids, is that bad?" another tweet read, "so happy to be done with school for ten days, but especially the ones that truly try my patience and make my trigger finger itchy." hodges has been reprimanded but remains in the classroom. parents are calling for her dismissal. hodges has apologized for the tweets, saying she was kidding and never thought people would take something she puts on twitter seriously. a safer commute on bart through your phone. a new app introduced today. here are the details, a free app allows riders to report crimes or suspicious activity while on bart. riders will be able to upload photos and location information and features a silent photo and flash-free option. this comes after riders have been asking for a safe and discreet way to communicate with bart when they are on a train or
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in a station. >> the exciting thing about it is it's easy to use. there's two main buttons that pop up when you open the app, one to call the police department directly. neat thing about that is it does contact our dispatch center as opposed to when you call 911 and it goes to chp, then travels to us. it's a more direct link. >> could be useful. the app is available on apple and android devices, as well as available in spanish and chinese. tragedy in nevada's black rock desert where a woman died earlier today. event organizers tell us the 29-year-old woman was run over by a bus, which was carrying passengers at the time. it happened just after midnight in the center camp area. the woman has been identified. in 2003, a belmont woman died at the festival when she was run over by a car. joan rivers is hospitalized in new york this evening after she went into cardiac arrest
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during a medical procedure. the 81-year-old rivers was in an outpatient clinic when she stopped breathing. she was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. she was later upgraded to stable condition. rivers' career spans six decades. she currently hosts a show called "fashion police" on e!. her frequent costar, daughter melissa, is with her mother. up next, apple is keeping secrets. the mystery surrounding a construction project in the south bay.
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the tech world's rumor mill is churning tonight, fuelled by mysterious building apple is constructing on a local college campus. invitations were sent out to its september 9th event with the message, "wish we could say more." that's a tease. work crews are building a three-story white box on the campus in cupertino. the window-less structure is next to the flynt center, the auditorium where the september 9th event will be held and also where steve jobs unveiled the mcintosh in 1984. apple is expected to introduce the iphone 6, along with apple's first smart watch. >> the building is being constructed right now. >> a lot of people are wondering across the world, the thing's going to happen. >> you have the new iphone 6, from what i understand. just kidding. >> apple's going, what? >> thank you, we hope to see you at 6:00.
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>> nightly news is next. on the broadcast tonight, new penalties. the nfl cracks down on players involved in domestic violence after a public outcry over how it handled one high profile incident. critical condition. joan rivers in the hospital tonight after she reportedly stops breathing during a routine medical procedure. turf wars. the growing battle over access to some of the nicest beaches around. why so many are now being told to stay away. and building blocks. carrying kids away from their computers and getting them back to the future with the basics. "nightly news" begins now. good evening.


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